Managed Information Technology Services (MITS)

Does your current technology cause more problems than fixes? Does your support team take days to respond &resolve issues? Are there management struggles? Are you falling victim to information silos? Are your solutions scalable? Is your hardware up-to-date? Is your network & hardware secure? Do you have redundancy in the event systems crash? Are you required to abide by compliance regulations? Do you trust your technology support? Is your staff sufficiently trained to handle phishing or malware attacks?

Benefits of Managed IT:

1. Network Health Monitoring
2. Antivirus Monitoring & Updates on IT hardware
3. Patch Management on IT hardware
4. Spyware Detection & Removal
5. Preventative Maintenance
6. Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery (BCDR) solutions


Software Development

Do you have proprietary applications or software that are either becoming outdated or require significant updates to continue functioning in a rapidly evolving technology space? As a Software Developer/Engineer, I can assess your apps/software & determine what it will take to replace or upgrade them. Depending on your app/software framework, I will likely perform the necessary work to replace or update myself. Otherwise, I have a partner who specializes in countless app/software frameworks.


I received my bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Arizona State University Spring of 2014.

I then spent 5 years as a Software Developer at Salt River Project (SRP), developing & supporting web & desktop applications (.NET framework) & web services (SOAP & RESTful).

My core competencies are backend C#, SQL, SOAP, & RESTful services.


As a consultant & small business owner I know first-hand the most important characteristics of a successful business.

  1. Focus on your customers! Understand their needs & develop solutions specifically tailored to them.
  2. Understand your products & services! Knowing your products or services & why your customers will benefit from them makes selling them much easier.
  3. Know your ideal clientele! Do not try to fit a square peg into a round hole. You will not only waste your & your customer's time but you will blemish your company's image.
  4. Make things easy! Everything about your business should be easy. Easy to find. Easy to communicate. Easy to share. Easy to implement. Easy to explain. Your mission statement should be understood by a ten-year-old.

I follow these rules with all my businesses.

Take a look at some of them if you want to see them in action.

AzAdventures"R"Us - provides you with an all-inclusive package for each trail/route we recommend for biking, hiking, or off-roading. This includes, where to park, how long the trail/route takes, & other trail details. We've packaged everything together so there aren't any surprises when you get out there & you can enjoy your time adventuring.

Jorden Whicker Technical Consulting

Computer Productivity Resources, LLC (CPR) - Managed Service Provider (MSP) delivering all things IT. Home of the "All-in-One Tech Bundle." Includes; endpoint management & support, network security monitoring, Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery (BCRD), & Microsoft 365/Azure management. We handle the entirety of all your technical solutions.

Next Steps...

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