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Jorden Whicker

Jorden Michael Whicker

Technology Consultant, Software Developer, & Entrepreneur

My name is Jorden Whicker, & I'm a Technical Account Manager (TAM), Software Developer, & Entrepreneur. I pride myself on being someone who can accomplish anything & do so quickly & efficiently. My customer service skills are second to none, & I enjoy leading teams into new technologies to improve products, services, & business processes. Besides exceptional customer service skills, my charisma allows me to communicate effectively & quickly build rapport with everyone.

I have spent the past year assessing, implementing, managing, & monitoring over 50 small-medium business Information Technology (IT) solutions. These solutions include; IT infrastructure (networking components, workstations, servers, mobile devices); cloud services (Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure, dinCloud, & cybersecurity services); business continuity & disaster recovery solutions; Software as a Services (SaaS). To accomplish this, I wear many hats; business analyst, project manager, technical support, research, & design, etc.

Before my TAM position, I had spent five years improving my software development, business analysis, & general IT support knowledge at the Salt River Project (SRP), where I supported a critical business area responsible for maintaining the power-grid for Arizona.

My software development expertise consists of Microsoft's .NET (C#) framework, explicitly implementing Windows Services, APIs (SOAP & REST), & ASP.NET MVC web services & applications.

I'm an Arizona native & love getting outside & being adventurous. I mountain bike, hike & take ATV's, dirt bikes, & my truck off-road (4x4) frequently. I've found there to be so many resources online for trails it was overwhelming & none of them seemed too comprehensive. I found myself easily able to get to the trailhead but never knowing which trails brought me back, whether or not bathrooms were available, & was there going to be enough parking, so I created a business for those looking to do more exploring & adventuring in Arizona & including all that information.

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