Software Development Services

Looking for someone to develop a web application or web service for your business? I'm an expert in Microsoft's .NET framework and developing ASP.NET MVC  and ASP.NET Web API apps and services. We will get your apps and services up and running in no time, on-site or cloud hosting.

Business Analysis Services

Is your business not performing at its full potential? Is something missing that you just can't pinpoint? Are you tired of working harder and not smarter? As a trained Business Analyst, I know what it takes to dive into business processes and identify the bottlenecks, missing processes, and where best to utilize time and resources. Let's get started on improving your company's efficiency and productivity.

Web and Social Media Marketing

Wondering where to get started with Social Media? Never fear, Jorden is here for you. As an entrepreneur, I know it can be overwhelming researching all the services available for various platforms. I have researched and experienced many of the top-rated services available for web and social media marketing (e.g. Google Ads, Instagram Marketing, etc.).


IT Services

  1. Web Applications (ASP.NET MVC)
  2. Web Services (API's) (REST & SOAP)
  3. Website development
  4. Web marketing/advertising
  5. Social Media marketing/advertising

Business Services

  1. Agile Coaching (Kanban & Scrum)
  2. Business Process improvement
  3. Business Case(s) development
  4. Project Management
  5. Web/Social Media marketing/advertising

Next Steps...

Ready to take the next steps toward achieving your personal and professional goals? Schedule a consultation to review and develop a plan of action to achieve them.